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Project Length: 3 months 

Team Size: 1 Lead Designer and 2 level designers

The game, Pieces, has undergone multiple semesters of development with the collaboration of several designer and artist teams. As the lead designer of my team for the final semester, working alongside two other level designers, we took complete responsibility for debugging and polishing all the levels to prepare for a university event demo.

Playable Build

My Contributions

Main Office 

  • Set dressing and room flow.

  • Gameplay scripting to provide linear flow from level to level.

  • Fixed broken script for activating levels.

  • Made a trophy script for completing each level.

  • Polished timing on cutscenes.


  • Fixed broken trigger boxes and cleaned up the scripts for them.

  • Revamped and completed the dialogue system.

  • Fixed scripts for NPC animations and interactions.

  • Found and fixed the problem with final dance cutscene.

Other levels

My team members were responsible for debugging the Snowball and Dreamforest levels, so my contribution to those levels was minimal. However, I did keep tabs on their progress and offered assistance whenever needed. Fortunately, there weren't many issues that required my attention, aside from some minor bug fixes and tweaks to certain cutscenes.

Game Trailer

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