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Luki & the Lights


My Project Length: 11 months 

Team Size: 77+ animators and artist

Job Position: Tech Artist

This short animated film is a powerful resource that brings attention to ALS and aids in children's understanding of the disease's impact. Its emotional and heartrending portrayal of ALS has a lasting impact on viewers.


My Contributions

I was hired for my expertise in the Unreal Engine and to assist the lead tech artist. Initially, my primary task was to ensure the seamless import of all animations from Maya into the Unreal Engine. Later on, I was entrusted with additional responsibilities such as: 

  • Setting up and troubleshooting the sequencers for the film.

  • Communicating with the artist in order to keep the pipeline moving.

  • Building simple VFX using Unreal's Niagara system.

  • Set dressing levels using feedback from the leads.

  • Setting up cameras, props, and characters for credit shots.


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